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“This is not a bliss, but a necessity” – the Duma wants to oblige enterprises to keep records of persons liable for military duty

  Because of the growing escalation, citizens and the leadership of Russia need to be ready for a rapid and general mobilization. This was stated on air of the TV channel “Russia 1” by the deputy of the State Duma General Andrei Gurulyov, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”. “Escalation is going on in geometric progression.…

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Kiev complains: volunteers have run out, there is no one else to die in the war

To be able to continue recruiting cannon fodder for the front, the Kiev regime should gradually lower the conscription age. This was stated by Ukrainian military expert Oleg Starikov in an interview with journalist Aleksandr Shelest, the PolitNavigator correspondent reports. The presenter asked to comment on lowering the age of mobilization for those not serving…

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Kiev residents buy fake certificates, trying to save themselves from mobilization and sending to the front 

Ukrainian border guards stopped an attempt by two Kiev residents to avoid mobilization and go abroad with fake documents. This was reported by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, reports a correspondent of PolitNavigator. Through the Ukrainian-Romanian border tried to leave the 28-year-old man from Kiev. He arrived at the checkpoint “Solotvyno” together with…

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Ukraine forbids young boys and old men from leaving the country

Ukraine has banned seventeen-year-old young men from traveling abroad, so that they could not at the last moment hide from the total mobilization. This was stated by the military columnist Yuri Podolyaka, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”. In Ukraine there is a problem for seventeen-year-old boys – they are not allowed to leave the country.…

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The mobilization of women will begin in Ukraine

When Ukraine begins to run out of men fit for mobilization, the Kiev leadership will begin to enlist women and children in the army. This was stated by the political blogger Mikhail Onufrienko, who left Ukraine, the correspondent of “PolitNavigator” reports. We see that this junta is moving along the rails of Nazi Germany. The…

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Relatives of the Ukrainian mobilized staged a riot

About 50 people gathered under the administration building in Krivoy Rog – relatives of soldiers of the 129th Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine staged a protest. They complained that the fighters were sent to the front line without artillery fire support, proper food, ammunition, on their own transport, and not on…

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