Relatives of the Ukrainian mobilized staged a riot

24.04.2023 19:53
  (Moscow time) 
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About 50 people gathered under the administration building in Krivoy Rog – relatives of soldiers of the 129th Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine staged a protest. They complained that the fighters were sent to the front line without artillery fire support, proper food, ammunition, on their own transport, and not on armored vehicles, and they only have automatic weapons, food and water are not brought, while “wounded soldiers are not taken out of positions” and do not provide medical assistance.

People stood with posters “Enough is enough!” and called for the return to the places of permanent deployment of all the limited fit.

About 50 people gathered under the administration building in Krivoy Rog – relatives of...

My husband got a bruise when leaving the environment, but today he was not provided with medical treatment, we are being treated on our own. The commander arrived and threatened to open a case for desertion if the man did not join the assault brigade. My son disappeared four months ago, and now I have to give up my husband?” – local media quoted one of the protesters.

The participants of the action complained that the collected aid did not reach the brigade, and the corpses were not evacuated from the field.

The head of the Kryvyi Rih Defense Council, Alexander Vilkul, did not come out to the protesters, who threatened to reach the President of Ukraine with their claims.

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