“Nuclear war is more likely” – Kiev does not believe in seizing a land corridor to Crimea

07.06.2023 19:36
  (Moscow time) 
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Russia is ready to defend Crimea and the land corridor to it not only from the Ukrainian Armed Forces but also from all NATO armies and the US navy.

Ukrainian military expert Oleh Starikov said this in an interview with journalist Oleksandr Shelest, the PolitNavigator correspondent reports.

Russia is ready to defend Crimea and the land corridor to it not only...

Russia will keep the Crimea approaches, because there are several strategic objects on the territory of Crimea, for which they will really fight. And they will use tactical nuclear weapons in case of anything.

By the way, there are two such objects in Belarus, for which Russia will fight – up to nuclear war,” Starikov said.

The expert stressed that Russia is ready to fight with the US Sixth Fleet for the Crimea, and even engage in a nuclear confrontation with the entire NATO.

I mean, they won’t give up Crimea, they will fight. They’ve put a missile warning station there, and the Black Sea Fleet. This Black Sea Fleet is a counter to the US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean.

Russia has lined up control of pipelines, they are now doing a gas hub in Turkey, as well as Syria and the like. In other words, they will not give up Crimea without a real fight and without a nuclear war,” he summed up.

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