Kiev tensed up: Russia may unveil the “Istanbul agreements”

17.06.2023 22:33
  (Moscow time) 
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In the near future, before the Ukrainian “peace summit,” which Zelensky promised to hold before the meeting of NATO countries in Vilnius, Russia may release the document of last year’s “Istanbul agreements,” demonstrating Kiev’s lack of agreement.

This was stated by Ukrainian political analyst Ruslan Bortnik on the channel “Yes it is so”, reports the correspondent of “PolitNavigator”.

In the near future, before the Ukrainian “peace summit,” which Zelensky promised to hold...

I assume that in the near future that initialled Istanbul document will be made public. It is a Minsk-Istanbul document, because originally it started to be prepared back in Minsk, and then the delegation moved to Istanbul.

We remember who led the delegation – Arahamiya, Chalyi, Podolyak. On the other side was Medinski, I do not remember any other members of the delegation.

And there was agreed a draft of a certain agreement, which could already lay on the table of the leaders. And, judging by Putin’s and Lukashenko’s rhetoric, I admit that it could be made public by them closer to the Ukrainian “peace summit”.

I don’t know, independent journalists of some “Kommersant” will find [the flash drive] somewhere under a bench near the Kremlin.

Because in this way I admit that Russia may once again try to undermine confidence in Ukraine, in any political initiatives of Ukraine, that they signed the Minsk agreements – not implemented, ratified the “Istanbul” – not implemented, what is the point of agreeing on anything?

I think such a game can be played now by Russia.

I know a little bit more about what happened in Istanbul, but this is not the time to talk about it, because it could harm our interests. [Insiders] from the negotiating delegation, some pieces of that text I saw,” Bortnik said.

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