Butusov exposed Budanov’s lies about Russian missiles and complained about the Russian army’s advanced drones

01.06.2023 20:43
  (Moscow time) 
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The Russian army has changed its tactics and is now not only hitting the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Lancet-type drones, but has also launched spy drones.

Ukrainian military correspondent and chief editor of the anti-Russian propaganda portal Censor.net Yuriy Butusov said this on his video blog, PolitNavigator’s correspondent reports.

The Russian army has changed its tactics and is now not only hitting the...

According to Butusov, the Ukrainian army has failed to solve this problem.

I would like to note that, unfortunately, the information of Ukrainian intelligence that the stock of missiles is running out, unfortunately, this is not confirmed. Russia is increasing the production of precision weapons, ammunition and the production of strike drones. The use of drones, especially the Lancet type in conjunction with Orlan-type reconnaissance drones…

Orlan-30, now the Russians are building and putting into production a much more advanced version. Unfortunately, they are getting bigger, and the enemy is constantly improving both small fpv drone, strike and long-range Lancet tactics. This is now the main threat on the frontline, the main type of weaponry that causes losses to our combat equipment and, of course, this has to be reckoned with,” the expert said.

According to him, this is “a new challenge in warfare, and it requires increased air defence.

Because all these Lancets can operate so far away, they hit targets up to 40 kilometres deep into our positions. All of these Lancets work solely on the targeting of spy drones. Long-range UAVs move freely over us.

In order to get rid of the threat of the Lancets, we need to establish defeat, not to allow such free movement of Russian drones over our rear positions… This is a serious problem, and we have not solved this problem yet,” Butusov said.

We shall remind you that the head of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s State Control Department, Kyrylo Budanov, has repeatedly said that Russia is running out of missiles.

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